Tips for Visiting Vietnam

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Vietnam is one of the most visited countries in the world. In fact, 15.5 million tourists visited Vietnam last year. Tourists look forward to visiting Vietnam due to several reasons. For instance, visiting Vietnam is budget-friendly. There’s a lot to do and see in Vietnam too. Rivers, beaches, mountains, rice paddies, Buddhist pagodas, historical sites, you name it, they have it.

However, the same as visiting any other foreign country, it is paramount to make thorough preparations before visiting Vietnam. Read on as we provide tips for visiting Vietnam.

Book with a Reputable Travel Agency

This way, your travel will be smooth sailing since everything is pre-arranged. For instance, you do not need to go through the trouble of finding cheap accommodations if you work with a travel agency. Besides, the travel agency will make an itinerary for you so that you can get to visit all the destinations with ease.

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Moreover, some travel agencies go the extra mile by putting an emphasis on factors such as the religion of their clients. For instance, Tripfez is a travel agency dedicated to helping Muslims to travel the world with ease. They make an effort to provide Halal-friendly meals to their Muslim clients. Moreover, they ensure that there will be breaks for prayers. Therefore, get in touch with them if you’re looking for a travel agency that can come up with Muslim-centered itineraries.

Know What to Avoid in Vietnam

Same as going to other foreign countries, there’s a couple of things that you should avoid when visiting Vietnam. For instance, Vietnam is infamous for motorcycle taxi drivers who love to rip off their passengers. Therefore, it is important to know the route to your destination when riding these motorcycle taxis in order to avoid getting scammed. It is also essential to be vigilant when roaming the streets to avoid becoming a victim of snatchers or pickpocketers.

Prioritize the Places Worth Visiting

Although Vietnam has countless destinations that tourists can visit, there’s a couple of places that you should never skip visiting. Otherwise, your trip to Vietnam will never be complete. Some of which include Cuc Phuong National Park, Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels, Mekong Delta, Ha Long Bay, Phan Thiet, Nha Trang, Hoi An, My Son, Hanoi, Sapa, and Hue.

If you’re booking with a travel agency, then you will likely see these destinations in your itinerary. If there’s a destination that you wish to visit, but are not included in your itinerary, you can always make special arrangements with the travel agency.