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If you are visiting a new city, it is obvious that you will not be aware of the area. You will not know the route to your hotel, malls, I mean anywhere. After a long flight, we all want to relax than drive to your destination. The solution to all your travel needs in the new town will be sorted by a taxi driver. It is the only person who can help you around if you do not have friends or relatives there. But then, how are you going to select the best taxi. Many people argue that all taxi drivers are the same. The truth is, not all taxi drivers are the same. What then will help you make the distinction? This article will discuss the qualities of a good taxi driver read on.

Qualities of a good taxi driver

Punctual and reliable

taxiThis is the most important trait of a taxi driver. They should be able to arrive on time without fail. You do not want to hire someone who will arrive thirty minutes late or who will never show up. Look for taxi drivers with a reputation of being timekeepers.

Free from criminal records

If you are hiring from a taxi company, ask if they contact a background check before hiring their drivers. If that is so, this should not be a problem. To be safe, always hire a driver who does not have criminal records or who has not been involved in major road accidents. This is for your peace of mind.

Aware of the locality

The reason why you hired them is that you needed help locating your destinations in the new city. They should, therefore, be aware of the routes to take, shortcuts to beat traffic and so on. There is no point of hiring someone who is not conversant with the city.

Trained to drive safe

We pointed out that among the reasons why people hire taxis is because they do not want to drive rather relax after landing the new city. It is for this reason that you should select a driver who understands safe driving.

Free communication

Taxi, trafficThere should be proper communication between you and the driver. If this is not the case, things will not go well with directions. They should freely and honestly tell you if they understand the routes and destinations you are looking for. Keep it professional and make sure you treat your driver well. It would be best if you used one driver the whole of your trip.