Steps in Choosing the Perfect Bike for You


When it is time to get a new bike, you may not be sure where to start from. There are a lot of options which makes choosing the best one overwhelming. Following the steps below can help you to get that perfect bike you are looking for.

Type of Riding

person riding bike

Every bike is designed for a specific style of cycling, so determining the type of riding you will be doing is the first step in choosing the right bike. You should know if you want to ride on the road in a group or seeking a bike to use for transportation, or you want to tackle the trails at the mountain bike park. Assessing what you want to do with the bike will quickly set you in the right direction.

Where to Buy From

Knowing the type of cycling you are looking to do is a big decider on narrowing down your points of purchase. If you want to do regular cycling, then a specialist bike store is the best option for you. Some online retailers specialize in quality bicycles. However, you need some basic knowledge to make sure you get the right size and have it correctly set up. If your budget is restricted, then there are plenty of options for cheap bicycles. You may find a great deal at general sporting goods shops and purchasing used ones is also a viable option.

Establish a Price Point

It is vital to work out how much you intend to spend on the bike. Road and specialist mountain bikes start at around 1000 dollars with some costing far more. Most budget options start at 200 dollars. It is, however, essential to consider that you get what you pay for. Also, ensure you budget for additional accessories and parts that you will need.


bike parkedFor confident and comfortable cycling you need to get the right size of bike. With most bike types available in many sizes, you should not do guesswork. An incorrectly-sized bike will make it for uncomfortable and awkward riding which can be unsafe. Based on factors such as inseam length, flexibility, riding experience, and height, determining the right size of the bike is require experience. If purchasing from your local store, they can help you with this. Once you choose the right size, ensure it is fitted and adjusted.

Accessories and Parts

After determining the right bike for you, it is time to consider the parts or accessories. Usually, a bike is sold only with the parts needed to ride it and nothing more. It is up to you to decide on the accessories you want to add to your bike. Some common additions are water bottles, lock, lights, pumps cages, and pedals.…