Levis / Trow Mound News


- Several newsworthy items have ben popping up on the Levis Radar-

Wild Ride Buzzard Buster WEMs race, June 21st!  Info Here

-Anyone wishing to get on the Levis work crew, please email: steve@meurett.com

Join our Facebook page!: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Levis-Mound-Trail/236715826232

-YETI FEST!  Feb 28- March 2nd 2014; Info here on the Sweaty Yeti fatbike race and the Wolf Run snowshoe race:INFO HERE

-The WEMS Race, BUZZARD BUSTER will be back next June 21st 2014!!!

--Neillsville Warriors Cross Country Team Invitationals: NHS cross country meets will not be held at Levis this fall due to closures.  They will return in the fall of 2014!

 -New Trails!   "Wolf Run" paralleling Flatlander from Buck hill to Lower Hermosa.  All new Corkscrew!  Excellent descent or climb on the west side of Levis Mound.

-Anyone who rides or hikes Levis Mound should read these well written blog posts by "Greg Rides Trails." They give great detail on some of the history of each trail section and Greg' take on returning to the area to ride them. Even though I know each and every inch of the trails, I really enjoyed reading a different perspective.  Go here for the start of his series:http://www.gregridestrails.com/2010/06/levis-and-trow-mounds-neillsville.html

- Gnomefest (www.gnome-fest.net/) will move to Hurst Family Farms 2014.

-Geocache central?!  Geocachers from across the state are finding the Levis/Trow Mound area ideal for hide (and seeking) geocaches.  Geocaching.com is THE site to explore anywhere in the world.  Do a search here: (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx) and type in - 54754 for the nearest caches on and to Levis Mound)


-Get on the Levis Mound Work Crew List! Email:with your important information and you'll be contacted as trail days approach next spring.

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